Gold’s Unstoppable Rally: How Comex Gold Defied Gravity and Skyrocketed to New Heights

Introduction:Gold prices have taken the financial world by storm, reaching new heights amid a series of significant market events. In this blog update, we’ll delve into the recent surge in Comex Gold prices, examine the key factors that have propelled it to record-breaking levels, and explore the Elliott Wave analysis and astrological connections that have […]

Dr. Copper – A Long Way to Go

31st July 2022 Irregular Flat Correction which started on 10th May 2021 at the highs of 4.8880 completed at the bottoms of 3.1365 on 15th July 2022 24th Sep 2022 Next impulsive leg started from the bottoms of 3.1365 & we need to wait for structure to unfold completely & patience would be required by […]