Gold’s Unstoppable Rally: How Comex Gold Defied Gravity and Skyrocketed to New Heights

Gold prices have taken the financial world by storm, reaching new heights amid a series of significant market events. In this blog update, we’ll delve into the recent surge in Comex Gold prices, examine the key factors that have propelled it to record-breaking levels, and explore the Elliott Wave analysis and astrological connections that have lent further insight into this extraordinary rally.

A Morning of Gains:
Gold prices edged higher in recent trading sessions, with spot gold at Comex up by 0.10% at $2040 per ounce in the morning trade. This seemingly modest gain, however, was just the beginning of an extraordinary rally that would capture the attention of investors and analysts worldwide.

The Elliott Wave Perspective:
Since April 10th, 2023, gold reached a high of 2063.4 and started dropping towards 2000 USD, which was an integral part of the irregular correction. This correction had to be completed while holding above the key and critical support level of 1965 USD for the upcoming explosive move towards 2075 USD, a target we have been discussing since our debut YouTube video on the channel @abhishek

Comex Gold unfolding irregular correction

On May 2nd, 2023, gold commenced its upward move, marking the beginning of an extraordinary rally in the upcoming Wave 3 (Wave three). The personality of Wave 3 is indeed something to “behold.” Gold has since reached 2085 USD, retraced to 2038.4 USD, and following a sideways pause, it could continue its upside move towards 2090 and 2125 USD, as previously discussed in our videos.

The Astrological Connection:

Adding to the intrigue, the transit of Venus into Gemini in April/May 2023 also appears to be supporting this upside rally in gold prices. The correlation between astrology and financial markets is a fascinating area of study, and in this case, it seems to be in alignment with the ongoing gold rally.


The unstoppable rally in Comex Gold prices has been nothing short of remarkable, driven by a combination of factors including the Federal Reserve’s latest policy decision, Elliott Wave analysis, and astrological influences. As we continue to monitor these developments and their implications for the global economy, investors should consider the potential opportunities presented by this historic surge in gold prices. Stay tuned for more updates and expert insights into the world of precious metals and the financial markets at large. Have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you in our next blog!





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