Dr. Copper – A Long Way to Go

31st July 2022

Irregular Flat Correction which started on 10th May 2021 at the highs of 4.8880 completed at the bottoms of 3.1365 on 15th July 2022

24th Sep 2022

Next impulsive leg started from the bottoms of 3.1365 & we need to wait for structure to unfold completely & patience would be required by traders

2nd Nov 2022

Post the impulsive rise from the bottoms of 3.1365 to 3.7830 has been corrected 62% at the end of the triangle, Wave-E at 3.3615

What Next?

We are expecting wave 3 which could travel minimum distance 162% at 4.4105

7th April 2023

Structure unfolded so far from the bottoms of 3.1365 lows, looks like a leading diagonal in a larger five wave structure upside.

Currently, we are doing correction for the the five wave leading diagonal which unfolded between 3.1365 lows on 15th July 2022 to highs of 4.3640 which was made on 18th Jan 2023

Once the correction gets completed, It should have bullish outlook towards 5.3550+ minimum distance to be travelled in explosive wave -3 of the respective leading diagonal structure.

Dr. Copper – You Have Long Way To Go… Happy Easter Weekend to All of You


Abhishek H. Singh, CMT

An accidental engineer turned into financial sales career for brokerage firms in 2006 & destined to become Elliott Wave Analyst. Heading India Business for TradingView Inc https://in.tradingview.com/ is an extension of my passion.

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  1. Akshay Chaudhari
    April 10, 2023

    Wow. Thanks for your view on copper.

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