Comex Gold – Will it Shine & Glitter in Heavens!

Going back in time… Comex gold started the thrust exactly between 1950-1975 Dollars as suggested in the debut podcast of WaveTalks /

An impulsive push towards 2049 USD was seen & bulls got excited with the wave 1 in the series.

It started doing choppy corrective leg & retracing the prior upside impulse towards 2049 USD. Session continued with another upside leg making new highs beyond 2049 which was 2063 USD. What Next?

13th April 2023

Wave- C (Sharp wave) expected next ?

15th April 2023

Wave C- Isn’t that amazing!!!

Usually Wave-C of the sequence is sharp in personality and unfolded exactly from the tops of 2063 USD so far & currently running.

Will it Shine & Glitter in Heavens! Only time will let us know. Catch me in the next blog!

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Abhishek H. Singh, CMT

An accidental engineer turned into financial sales career for brokerage firms in 2006 & destined to become Elliott Wave Analyst. Heading India Business for TradingView Inc is an extension of my passion.

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